Church Wedding

Lima, July 26th, 2002

Entrance: Alex and Godmother Entrance: Alex and Godmother The Groom's suspenseful wait Cha siu
Getting out of the car Lucy and Dad arrive Bride's maids Entrance: Bridal Party
Everybody in the chapel! Here comes the Bride! Alex greeting the father in law Lucy & Alex together
People listening the Bible reading Reading the Bible Blushing bride! He is so funny!
Couple The main event! What is marriage? Do you take this woman? Yup
Reciting the vows Reciting the vows Ahh the Rings! Alex, with this ring I thee wed
Thanking the priest Nancy Prays Carolyn Prays Ana Mary Prays
Rony Prays Just married! Start of the Ritual of the Light Lighting the Candle
Uh, it is dark in here... I hope the candle doesn't go off Lighting the Candle Phew, we made it!
Priest is praying Drinking the wine Hmm... Great wine! Communion
Communion Husband and Wife praying Somebody's behind us! Alex signing
Lucy signing Lucy's Dad signing Godmother signing Katty signing
Alberto signs Sonia signs Juan Pablo signing Thank you, Father
Serious Alex, Smiling Lucy Lucy and Alex just married Maria,Vicky,Alex,Lucy,Pablo,Alberto Beautiful Wife
With Lucy's Parents With Godmother and Lucy's Dad The Newlyweds The Happy Couple and the Li's Brothers
The Happy Couple and the Li's Brothers Beautiful Wife Lucy, just married Bye bye!